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March 14, 2008

I feel sort of like I just came out of one of those huge dust storms, where everything gets swept up, moved around, and there’s chaos for a bit, and then there’s the sort of eerie resettlement of everything that got picked up. There’s that time when everyone sits and waits, making sure it’s really over before they start going about their daily lives again.

I came into college sure of myself, of what I wanted, where I was going, and how I was going to do it. Last semester, I felt a lot of that give way to various things, mostly because I was faced with more choices than ever before. And I realized that what I thought was so simple and clear wasn’t really. Now, I’ve noticed more and more me feeling like my old self, doing the things I used to do, the things I used to think, and my old dreams come back. I came out of high school wanting to go into the Peace Corps because that seemed to me at the time as the best way that I could help people the way I dreamed of doing. After last semester’s putzing around trying to figure out what was going on at MIT, thinking about how people here are approaching the same problems I want to fix from a completely different angle, I still want to do the Peace Corps, but I have a sense of the fact that it’s a very temporary solution to a deep-rooted problem. The question then becomes, I suppose, what am I going to do to change those tough problems? If I had the answer, I guess I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this, first of all, I’d be out doing it. But, I feel like I’m back on track again. Except, I feel like I’m walking along the same path I’ve been walking all my life but with my eyes open instead of closed.