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July 8, 2008

As I was sitting in my windowsill on Friday night, looking out on most of Denver and the mountains, I was watching these fireworks going off nearby. It was interesting, because from the 23rd floor, I was actually above the fireworks, and they looked so tiny, just little bursts of color. It reminded me that it’s all about perspective, isn’t it? Life is about how you look at things, how you turn the bad into good by changing how you look at it, and seeing the world from as many people’s perspectives as you can to learn what you can from each of them.

I feel like after a year of college, and after a month completely on my own, I finally have enough perspective to move forward. I don’t know much about most of the things I’m interested in or studying, but I know enough to know that the direction I’m heading is the way that I’ve always wanted to go. I’ve picked a direction, finally, and I don’t feel like I’m blundering around in the dark anymore. working on random projects without much continuity. Even though plans change, especially with me, it feels just great to have something to work towards, people to work with, and enough knowledge to get by.