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October 23, 2009

Ah, junior year. I think for most people this year is an academic hell. So far, I’ve managed to stay afloat academically, but everything is in my life is currently fucking nuts. I like it. Definitely don’t think I can sustain it any longer than it’s going to last, but I do find some masochistic enjoyment out of stretching myself to my limits every once and awhile.

It’s definitely interesting being a junior – I am suddenly considered old and (questionably) wise. Or at least, the things that I do seem to be things that I am expected to do now that I’m a junior. I kind of miss the novelty of doing things most sophomores wouldn’t just for the hell of it. Now, everything I do seems to be just what is expected since I’m old and have “experience”. I think this is also the first time in my life when I have truly wished that I was younger again. For some reason or another, I spent high school and my beginning years of college primarily hanging out with people who were older than me and being “mature”, but I think I’ve finally hit my peak in how old I want to be. Ok revision: I want to be 21 and then never age again. That would be fantastic.

I think this year I have learned so far at least what really matters to me. My brief hiatus from gymnastics taught me that I really love having gymnastics in my life – every time I get into the gym now, I can feel myself getting waaay less stressed out, and I always leave in a good mood. Definitely glad I realized that in time. I think not having gymnastics also gave me a brief peek into what normal life is like. That is, a life in which you have a life, a social life, and all that that entails. Since I spent every Friday night, Saturday, and every weeknight in the gym in high school, and then obviously gymnastics takes up a fair amount of my free time here, I never realized what life would be like without that. Being able to spend that time with people, go on random adventures, and all of that good stuff I think has made me start to really prioritize what activities, random other extracurriculars, and classes I really want to be taking and doing, and cut out those that don’t especially make me happy or add something to my time here, so that I can still have that time.

I say that now as I have about one free hour a day, but once the next two weeks are over I think my life will become back in control. And once that occurs, maybe I will have a more enlightening blog post, but I felt the need to break up my blog silence so that anticipation wasn’t toooo high for my next one and it would fail to reach expectations. 🙂