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November 24, 2009

the past week, and few days, have been a struggle for sure. my brain keeps throwing me “what ifs”, and i’ve finally been able to admit to myself that i’m a little bit terrified in all of this. and i feel selfish for thinking this way, but what i’m most worried about is the after – what happens after this is all over? will things be the same, or will i be cast aside? what will i i want at the end of this? what do i even want now? i don’t really know at this point. i’m trying to count my blessings in this, i really am – so hooray for new friendships and talks, and for great friends all around.



November 7, 2009

I’ve recently come to spend an absurd amount of time looking at photos online, just because there are so many beautiful ones out there. i thought i would share some of the gems i found [though i’ve been restricted by copy and pasting limitations, so not all of the gorgeous ones i’ve been oodling over for the past few weeks can make it]

what a nice blog.

November 4, 2009

if you would like an update on the joint life of myself and another coffee-addicted urban planner, please check out our newest forum for hilariousness, sweet shit, and general awesomeness: