Panama, part 2!

Posted March 21, 2010 by kdwflips
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hello from panama! we landed here safe and sound late last night, and have recently returned from a motorboat tour of the Panama Canal!

I’m not sure why, but I think my post-Uganda trip brain expected Panama to be just like the US (or at least very similar) because I remembered it being surprisingly developed last time I was here. For the record, it’s not. At least Casco viejo, where we’re staying, isn’t. I forgot how interesting this neighborhood is – basically, you find beautifully restored historic buildings with colorful facades and iron-railed balconies juxtapositioned to abandoned, dilapidated houses with remnants of people’s belongings in them. Things are safe, but the inevitable Latin American cat-calling and yelling at women is still present, which I had forgotten about. Prices, at least in our neighborhood, are surprisingly high. Panama uses the American dollar as their currency, and I’ve paid pretty much the same prices for dinners and drinks as I would have in the US.

This is my first time returning to a place I’ve traveled to, and it’s been an interesting mix of remembering a number of things I had forgotten, and surprising myself with how much I remember from a year ago. For instance, I found our favorite breakfast place again today, where you can get some eggs and tea with sweetened condensed milk (GLORIOUS, in case you wouldn’t think so) for about a dollar, and there’s a happy round asian man who takes your order every morning. Spanish is coming back to me more than I expected it to, which is also exciting. I forgot a lot about the culture here, I think because this trip was sandwhiched between a trip to Peru and Uganda. In my head, I had decided that Panama had very little of its own culture, because those two countries bore their heritage and traditions so proudly and loudly, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the cultural differences I have found so far.

Anyway, tomorrow is a day of meetings and a long (but hopefully interesting) day! For now, it’s a bit more tea and internet time, and then we’re off for dinner and I hope some delicious mojitos!

Goals for IAP…

Posted January 5, 2010 by kdwflips
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Goals to accomplish during January:

-finish all of the applications I need to.
-continue becoming a beast [aka conditioning lots].
-learn some more guitar.
-read all the books i got for christmas.

i’m sure i’ll think of more….will add later.


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what i have done since i came home:

-worked out
-spent 12 hrs a day each day this weekend helping/watching a gymnastics meet
-learned to judge high school gymnastics
-ate, slept, and all that good stuff.

i miss high school when i could live and breathe gymnastics all the time, but at least i get a nice three week dose of it now 🙂


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the past week, and few days, have been a struggle for sure. my brain keeps throwing me “what ifs”, and i’ve finally been able to admit to myself that i’m a little bit terrified in all of this. and i feel selfish for thinking this way, but what i’m most worried about is the after – what happens after this is all over? will things be the same, or will i be cast aside? what will i i want at the end of this? what do i even want now? i don’t really know at this point. i’m trying to count my blessings in this, i really am – so hooray for new friendships and talks, and for great friends all around.


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I’ve recently come to spend an absurd amount of time looking at photos online, just because there are so many beautiful ones out there. i thought i would share some of the gems i found [though i’ve been restricted by copy and pasting limitations, so not all of the gorgeous ones i’ve been oodling over for the past few weeks can make it]

what a nice blog.

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if you would like an update on the joint life of myself and another coffee-addicted urban planner, please check out our newest forum for hilariousness, sweet shit, and general awesomeness:

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Ah, junior year. I think for most people this year is an academic hell. So far, I’ve managed to stay afloat academically, but everything is in my life is currently fucking nuts. I like it. Definitely don’t think I can sustain it any longer than it’s going to last, but I do find some masochistic enjoyment out of stretching myself to my limits every once and awhile.

It’s definitely interesting being a junior – I am suddenly considered old and (questionably) wise. Or at least, the things that I do seem to be things that I am expected to do now that I’m a junior. I kind of miss the novelty of doing things most sophomores wouldn’t just for the hell of it. Now, everything I do seems to be just what is expected since I’m old and have “experience”. I think this is also the first time in my life when I have truly wished that I was younger again. For some reason or another, I spent high school and my beginning years of college primarily hanging out with people who were older than me and being “mature”, but I think I’ve finally hit my peak in how old I want to be. Ok revision: I want to be 21 and then never age again. That would be fantastic.

I think this year I have learned so far at least what really matters to me. My brief hiatus from gymnastics taught me that I really love having gymnastics in my life – every time I get into the gym now, I can feel myself getting waaay less stressed out, and I always leave in a good mood. Definitely glad I realized that in time. I think not having gymnastics also gave me a brief peek into what normal life is like. That is, a life in which you have a life, a social life, and all that that entails. Since I spent every Friday night, Saturday, and every weeknight in the gym in high school, and then obviously gymnastics takes up a fair amount of my free time here, I never realized what life would be like without that. Being able to spend that time with people, go on random adventures, and all of that good stuff I think has made me start to really prioritize what activities, random other extracurriculars, and classes I really want to be taking and doing, and cut out those that don’t especially make me happy or add something to my time here, so that I can still have that time.

I say that now as I have about one free hour a day, but once the next two weeks are over I think my life will become back in control. And once that occurs, maybe I will have a more enlightening blog post, but I felt the need to break up my blog silence so that anticipation wasn’t toooo high for my next one and it would fail to reach expectations. 🙂